Elect Kim NelsonCircuit Court Judge 2014 - 9th Judicial District

Circuit Court Judge 2014 - 9th Judicial District

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About Kim Nelson
Kim Nelson - the People’s choice for Circuit Court Judge
Like many voters in the 9th Judicial District, Kim Nelson grew up on a farm where her traditional, conservative values and work ethic were molded and shaped. Listening closely to the teachings of her close-knit family, Kim learned that success is not measured by how much you’ve improved your own life, but by how much you’ve improved the lives of others. This simple concept of working hard to better the lives of those around her has guided Kim throughout her professional career.
After graduating from Tennessee Tech, Kim chose to pursue a career in the legal field where she could maximize her opportunities to help others who faced legal challenges. She attended the University of Memphis law school and returned home to Kingston where Kim opened her own law office in the Old Roane County Courthouse. When her son Noah was three, she was inspired to run for the county school board. Winning the seat by a wide margin, Kim served as a fearless voice for local parents.

Kim began working as a prosecutor with the District Attorney’s office in 2007. As an Assistant District Attorney in the Child Support Enforcement Unit Kim was an advocate for parents struggling to support their children. In 2010, she was elected Roane County Circuit Court Clerk and immediately went to work cleaning up the office’s long-standing financial issues, as well as dramatically improving the office’s efficiency and work environment.

A no-nonsense leader, Kim has been an unflinching advocate of accountability and fairness in public office. Owing allegiance to no special interest group, Kim pledges to bring the same energy, efficiency, and impartiality to the Circuit Court that she brought to the Roane County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office. She will continue to measure her success by striving always to be a blessing in the lives of those around her.

Kim lives in Kingston with her husband Rob and son Noah, who is now nine. She is a member of Morrison Hill Christian Church, where she volunteers as a nursery worker on Sunday mornings.