Elect Kim NelsonCircuit Court Judge 2014 - 9th Judicial District

Circuit Court Judge 2014 - 9th Judicial District

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Kim Nelson YOUR Choice
Community Values
Like most people in Loudon, Morgan, Meigs, and Roane counties, Kim believes in helping others in need, but also in providing help in a way that teaches personal responsibility and accountability. Some call this approach compassionate conservatism. It is characterized by the staunch belief that government cannot replace the role of caring, helping friends and neighbors.

As 9th District Circuit Court Judge, Kim will demonstrate the humility, gentleness, and compassion that characterize her everyday life. Citizens and attorneys who appear in her courtroom will be comfortable and confident that her judicial actions will exemplify fairness and compassion. Through her demeanor and her words, everyone who enters her courtroom will be treated as human beings, not as some object of a judicial process. Kim recognizes that her decisions could change lives permanently and she takes that responsibility very seriously.
Fairness and Equality
It is fundamental to our American way of life that every citizen receives fairness and equality from the courts. There is no room for partisan politics in the court system. The citizens of the 9th District can ill afford to have a political activist sitting on the bench of Circuit Court. While she shares the conservative beliefs of the citizens of the 9th District, Kim is fully committed to assuring that politics play no role in the proceedings before her court.

One of the challenges facing all candidates for Circuit Court Judge is remaining neutral and objective throughout all proceedings before the court. The experience of an attorney always involves taking sides - the side of their client. Kim has served as an attorney and fully understands that. However, most recently she has spent four years serving as Circuit Court Clerk, a position that demands total neutrality in serving the citizens and attorneys associated with every case. This experience has prepared Kim for serving as a Circuit Court Judge who fairly and objectively administers the law in her court. Kim is the only candidate who can claim this experience of neutrality.
Efficient Operation of the Court System
As Circuit Court Clerk, Kim served in the “hub” of the Circuit Court on a daily basis. She developed a comprehensive understanding of the detailed workings of the court system. This enhanced understanding enabled Kim to make significant improvements in the efficiency of court operations through improved performance of the clerk’s office. This experience sets Kim apart from other candidates who have only functioned in the attorney role.